What is RECOVER?

RECOVER is collecting data on recovery of the natural environment with a focus on the short to mid-term prospects for key species and habitats along the coast. We are particularly interested in understanding the nature of earthquake impacts, detecting barriers to a full recovery, and investigating how long it might take.

RECOVER is aimed at helping the coastal environment return to a ‘new-normal’ following the earthquakes. As we already know the earthquakes have caused massive changes, RECOVER focuses more on what happens next. Some main themes of the project include predicting the recovery trajectory of taonga species and natural resources along the coast, and working out how we can help them fully recover. We hope that the research will be particularly useful to local government, iwi and rūnanga, local industry and the wider community.

RECOVER will progress through a series of stages over the next 3 years. There will be several opportunities to get directly involved and we’ll be providing regular updates of our results via the
Recover newsletter as well as through public talks and other community events. If you’d like to find out more please contact us anytime!

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