GeoHazards cover story

Our article on the impacts of sea-level change was unexpectedly chosen as the cover story for the latest issue of GeoHazards!
Check it out here

This paper evaluated the relationship between sea-level change and the severity of impacts on major habitat-forming seaweeds that sustain life on rocky shores. The vertical displacement of intertidal areas uplifted by the 7.8 Mw Kaikōura earthquake was assessed using LiDAR differencing analyses from the closest terrestrial surfaces coupled with controls on horizontal land movement and tilt. Seaweed cover measurements in equivalent intertidal zones found severe (>80%) losses at 9 of 10 sites and included the lowest uplift values (0.6 m). The results indicate major impacts beyond a functional threshold of one-quarter of the tidal range and considerable lag times in ecosystem recovery due to interactions with other stressors in the reassembly phase.

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