Dr. Robyn Dunmore

Robyn is a marine ecologist who specialises in rocky shore ecology. Robyn has worked on a wide range of projects including impact assessments, resource consent monitoring and the experimental evaluation of a marine incursion response tool.

Prof. David R. Schiel

David is Distinguished Professor of Marine Science. He founded and leads the Marine Ecology Research Group.

Dr. Mike Hickford

Mike is a long-standing Research Associate and has helped, lead and managed the Marine Ecology Research Group for many years.

Dr. Leigh Tait

Marine ecologist specialising in ecophysiology and the application of remote and in situ sampling techniques.

Prof. Chris Battershill

Chris holds the inaugural Bay of Plenty Regional Council Chair in Coastal Science, based in Tauranga

Prof. Ian Hawes

Ian is at the Waikato University coastal lab in Tauranga.

Dr. Mads Solgaard Thomsen

I am an ecologist researching environmental impacts on coastal plant and animal communities.

Dr. Tommaso Alestra

I am a marine ecologist with 13 years of research experience in intertidal and subtidal benthic systems.

Ben Crichton

My M.Sc. research seeks to provide insight into how the whitebait fishery influences the populations dynamics of these kōkopu.

Shawn Gerrity

Recovery, restoration, and population dynamics of New Zealand blackfoot abalone (pāua) affected by large-scale disturbance and mass-mortality.

Mareike Babuder

Tipping points and resilience of turbid rocky reef habitats.

Spencer Virgin

Ecophisiology of limpets on New Zealand rocky shores.

Andrew Watson

Effects of whitebait fishing on population dynamics and structure of īnanga (Galaxias maculatus)

Derek Gerber

Determining the effects of marine heatwaves in co-occurring foundation species.

Dr. John Pirker

Research interests include marine ecology and aquaculture.

Daniel Crossett

Resilience, recovery and changing reef conditions along the Kaikoura coast, post earthquake.